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A warm Hello to all the you out there in the whole wide world

From today on I will try to keep you also updated on this blog in English.

Last Saturday I arrived in Cape Town. After 7 month of planning and preparing I am finally back. It is good to be here. The wind is blowing very strong and the sun is shining, flames are all over the countryside but it looks like the firemen can contain it. Maybe it even starts raining soon…

Cape Town does not give me any rest and I am happy about it. I want to do something; I was sitting so many weeks and month behind my computer. So I started calling the people to let them know that I am back in CT.

I have visited the Homestead in Khayelitsha. It’s a place where young boys between 6 and 17 can find a home to rest. All of them are street kids, all out of different reasons. It is not always easy to be together in one place, there are of course little fights and troubles, but the home offers shelter and peace. Wonderful people are working and helping out. The boys are going to school regularly and will find help by doing their homework. They have a soccer field in the back and different workout devices. I had a wonderful meeting and a very interesting walk around the facilities. We are going to have more meetings to see what we can do and how I could fit in with the art.

I have also seen the teachers of Zenzeleni Waldorf School. It was a very nice and warm welcome. So good to see them all again! We were hugging laughing. So many months have passed. The school opens next Monday. So we can start from there. The teachers are going to have art sessions with me and we are working on a plan for some kids. I am looking forward to see everybody in school again!

There are more meetings to come and more things to work out.


All the best from Cape Town